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Police Figures Shocking

The number of South Africans killed at the hands of police last year climbed to nearly double the figure of 2006, according to the Beeld newspaper.


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Services Seta Under Administration

| News by Staff Reporter

The country’s largest Seta has been placed under administration, affecting companies and trainers nationwide

Services Seta was on Thursday 21 April placed under administration by Acting General-Director Gwebinkundla Qonde, according to the Skills Portal.

The Skills Portal, a training company website, said that on Thursday 21 April Acting General-Director Qonde issued a Government Gazette suspending the Accounting Authority of Services Seta, and effectively placed the Seta under administration.

In the past training companies would have gained accreditation through the Services Seta by implementing policies and procedures designed to monitor the training process and generate feedback for evaluation. Companies outsourcing for staff training would have then been able to claim the money back through their Skills Development Levies (SDLs).

Dr S Moon has been appointed as an Administrator for the Services Seta effective from 21 April for a period of six months; he will have the power to establish chambers, review employees’ terms and conditions of employment, institute disciplinary action and suspend and replace employees.

He will also be empowered to facilitate a review of the Services Seta constitution, appoint a new Accounting Authority, make rules regarding finance, general procurement and administrative matters as well as manage the funds in liaison with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), according to the Skills Portal.

In terms of the Government Gazette the funds in the Services Seta bank account would be transferred to the National Skills Fund (NSF) with immediate effect.

According to Debbie Engelbrecht, CEO and founder of Staff Training, a South African soft skills training provider, the fact that the Services Seta is the largest Seta in the country must surely now give government the final proof they need to see that the system isn’t working the way it’s supposed to.

“Our emphasis on education and skills development has long since shifted from what the industry needs as we train for all the wrong reasons,” she said.

“We train to achieve BEE certification, we train to claim on SDLs and we train because we are legislated to do so. Instead, our emphasis should be on training to achieve a desired outcome that will make our workforce more competent and competitive and hence stimulate an economy and lead to a better quality of life…the SETA system is just another cog in a machine headed the wrong way.”

But according to Debbie there is still hope in this situation.

“It is not too late, we can simplify the system and get rid of all the stumbling blocks quite easily,” she said. “We do, however, need the political will to make brave and bold changes.

“I hope that the minister will take this opportunity and use it wisely,” she added.

Source: www.bizpremises.co.za