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Positive Y/Y House Price Growth in March

South African bond originator ooba (formerly Mortgage SA) said property prices reflected a positive year-on-year growth in March, up 1,1 percent from the previous year.


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Police Figures Shocking

| News by Staff Reporter

A sizable increase in the number of people killed by SA police officers is being recorded

The number of South Africans killed at the hands of police last year climbed to nearly double the figure of 2006, according to the Beeld newspaper.

It said since 2005/2006, when 281 people were shot dead by police officers, the number of casualties at the hands of police has risen to 524 in 2010.

In 2008/2009, it said, 568 people were killed by the South African Police Service.

Beeld was quoting Gareth Newham, head of the Crime and Justice Programme at the Institution for Security Studies, who released figures relating to the number of deaths caused by South African police.

“Many more people get shot dead by police than what we hear about,” he told the newspaper.

“Andries Tatane’s death was the trigger that turned the attention to police brutality,” explained Newham.

“The difference between Tatane and somebody else who was killed by police, is that Tatane's death was captured on camera.”

Andries Tatane was brutally beaten and shot to death during a service delivery protest in Ficksburg last month, sparking outrage across the country and calls for justice to be done.

Two weeks after this tragic incident another life was lost to police as Jeanette Odendaal, who it is alleged drove into a parked police vehicle, was shot to death outside a police station in Kempton Park.

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