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Retail Growth Slumps in January

According to statistics firm Stats SA growth in retail sales showed a significant slowdown in January well below economists’ forecasts.


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Over 1m Visitors in December

| News by Staff Reporter

According to data from Stats SA

There were 1,2-million foreign arrivals to South Africa during December 2011, according to recently released data from Statistics SA.

“In December 2011, there were 1 241 599 foreign arrivals to South Africa,” the statistics firm said on its website.

It added that of the 1 241 599 foreign arrivals to South Africa 50 523 were non-visitors and 1 191 076 were visitors.

“The visitors consist of 379 972 same-day visitors and 811 104 overnight visitors (tourists),” said the firm.

A large majority of the tourists had come to South Africa from the SADC (South African Development Community) countries (565 139), said Stats SA.

This was followed by overseas visitors (226 360), visitors from ‘other’ African countries (16 930), and 2 675 ‘unspecified’.

Source: www.bizpremises.co.za