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UK to Continue Austerity Policy

11.5 billion of spending cuts are planned with local councils losing 2.6 billion and education 500 million. Almost all departments will be affected including Welfare, Police, student grants and charities, with 144,000 public sectors jobs being axed.


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New Rugby Laws on Trial

| Sports by Staff Reporter

The International Rugby Board (IRB) has announced that it plans to trial new rugby laws in all local competitions.

The new laws are expected to provide a smoother-flowing game and reduce the risk of serious injuries. The trials will not be introduced into the Castle Rugby Championship or Super Rugby at this stage.

One of the changes being looked at is changing the ways teams scrum. The old call of "crouch, touch, set" will now be replaced by a "crouch, bind, set", requiring the props to bind prior to engagement. The scrumhalf feed into the scrum will be more strictly policed and must be straight.

In addition, players suspected of sustaining a concussion must leave the field immediately and take no further part in the match. The size of rugby fields has been more strictly defined and in-goal areas must be at least 6 meters, and not greater than 22 meters, in depth.

The new laws were only meant to be implemented on 1 August, but the IRB has decided to fast track the process ahead of the Springbok end-of-year tour.

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