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SA Rail System Gets Upgrade

The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) on Wednesday 12 October announced plans to upgrade SA’s rail system to the tune of R2.2-billion.


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New Consensus on Census Confusion

| News by Staff Reporter

Stats SA tells South Africa what to expect from Census 2011

Stats SA recently published a press release regarding incorrect information being circulated regarding the 2011 Census, based on a misleading communiqué by a security firm.

In an article titled “Census 2011, What You Should Know” Bizpremises quoted the communiqué as saying census workers would be carrying handheld devices, Census Bureau canvas bags and that answering all questions on the questionnaire was not, contrary to a statement from Stats SA, obligatory.

Stats SA said the misleading communiqué, which is actually based on a document relating to the 2010 Census conducted by the United States Census Bureau, has since been retracted by the security firm but that it was still in circulation.

In its press release Stats SA said Census officials could be identified as follows:

1) A yellow satchel with the Census and Stats SA logos

2) An A3-size book with a map of the area on the first page

3) A yellow bib with the Census and Stats SA logo

4) A black cap with the Stats SA logo

5) An ID card with a hologram of the Census 2011 logo (SA map with the words “You Count” below it).

“These persons can be verified by calling 0800 110 248 or 080 236 787 2, which is toll-free from a landline,” said Stats SA.

“The census questionnaire asks questions on demographics (sex, age, language, etc.), migration (where you live, have you moved), general health & functioning, parental survival, income, education, employment, fertility, access to services and mortality,” added the statistics firm.

“Please note that section 16 of the Statistics Act obliges respondents to answer all questions asked of them. There is one question on income, and it does not ask your specific income, but asks you which range it falls into (e.g. R401 - R800; R801 - R1600, etc.)

“Section 17 of the act guarantees that all information collected by Stats SA is confidential, and cannot be accessed by anyone outside of the organization. All Stats SA staff, both permanent and contract, have taken an oath of confidentiality. If this oath is violated, the offender is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding R10000 or imprisonment for a period not exceeding 6 months.

“Enumerators may ask you for your telephone number; this is for quality check purposes only e.g. if the questionnaire shows that there is a 5-year-old in your household with a PhD, it will be easier to contact the household telephonically than to do a physical return visit to the household.”

Source: www.bizpremises.co.za