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Concern Over PPI

South Africa’s Producer Price Index (PPI) increased by 0,9 of a percentage point year-on-year in September, according to official data released by Statistics SA.


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JHB Cracks Down on Illegal Occupation

| News by Staff Reporter

People illegally occupying property in Gauteng would be removed

Bheki Nkosi, MEC for Gauteng infrastructure development, on Monday said people illegally occupying state property would be kicked out or made to enter market-related agreements with the department.

“We want to make it clear to those who are staying in government houses without leases that their actions are illegal and we will come after them,” said Mr Nkosi.

He said of the 40 properties raided in Boksburg North last week 12 were found to have some irregularity, including no lease agreements or unapproved alterations.

“We found that several of the occupiers had no lease agreements with the department and some had even erected shacks and made unapproved alterations to the properties,” he said.

Mr Nkosi added that people without leases would either be removed from the properties or would have to enter market-related agreements with the department, while those who had illegally made alterations to properties were at risk of having their leases terminated.

He added that what was of greater concern was that “some of those illegal occupiers are sub-letting to poor residents.”

Other properties had been found to be harbouring illegal immigrants and another was being used as a location to store drugs.

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