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Marches Planned Across SA

Nationwide strikes are set to take place on Wednesday 7 March as trade union Cosatu opposes the continued use of labour brokers and the pending tolls on Gauteng highways.


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Hard Drives to Remain Pricey

| Technical by Staff Reporter

In the aftermath of severe flooding in Thailand last year

The price of hard drives in SA is expected to “remain high for the time being”, according to MyBroadBand.

The increase in the price of hard drives internationally was a result of the flooding experienced in Thailand in September 2011, according to MyBroadBand, but local hard drive distributors warn that hard drive pricing will remain high in the near future.

The World Bank has described the flooding as the fourth most costliest natural disaster in history.

Thailand produces around half of the world’s hard drives, both in the form of component production and product assembly, according to MyBroadBand.

In some cases increases of nearly 200% in the price of hard drives have been recorded, said Mahomed Cassim, CEO of local hardware distributor Esquire.

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