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Electricity Wage Talks Break Down

The union NUM on Thursday said wage negotiations with employers at Eskom had broken down and it would thus request a mandate to strike from its members.


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First Contact With Alien Life

| Leisure by Arnold Leibrandt

Warning, they do not come in peace

Battle: Los Angeles (2011) is a sci-fi action film about alien life-forms who land on Earth and attempt to eradicate it of all human life, thus taking over the planet.

The film centres around marine staff sergeant Michael Nantz (Aaron Eckhart) who is just days away from retirement when he is thrust back into war as alien spacecrafts containing hostile life-forms crash-land on Earth.

Nantz is assigned a team and is ordered to evacuate the city of all civilians because the government has decided that their only defensive option is to bomb the city.

The marines set off on their assigned mission but have only a few hours to do it. Things quickly get turned upside-down when the squad come face to face with the aliens and have to fight for their survival.

The squad also come upon a group of civilians that they now have to baby-sit as well as some errant police officers, all who are in dire straits.

So now it seems as if the marines are on a suicide mission and it doesn’t look like they’ll make it out of the city before the bombs go off, but marines never give up!

The film was directed by South Africa’s own Jonathan Liebesman who, after making a few low budget yet highly successful B-grade horror films, has finally come out with a big budget action film that shows the world how hardcore us South Africans really are; think District 9 on steroids!

The film is slow moving at first but if can muster up the patience to sit through the first 30 minutes what is left will not disappoint you.

The rest of the film is an action-packed war film, filled with gunfire, explosions and dramatic speeches that will make any man watching feel like a patriotic ten-year-old ready to take on anyone and anything.

The special effects in the film are unfortunately for the most part quite average, and from the beginning of the movie the filmmakers try to hide this by not actually showing you the aliens, instead showing you creatures moving in smoke and footage of the aliens taken by civilians who just happen to have very bad cameras.

The filmmakers can try dance around this by saying they were creating suspense (much like Spielberg did in his Jaws franchise) but in reality it’s just hiding bad effects. However, once the bullets fly, the aliens die and you see everything.

Battle: Los Angeles was actually based on a situation during World War II in which the Los Angeles military launched an attack on what was thought to be a German air strike, but turned out to be UFO’s.

The movie is a good watch and I’d recommend it for all men who enjoy their action, and if you can get your lady to watch it with you then you truly are a man’s man.

Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Ne-Yo, Michelle Rodriguez

Directed by: Jonathan Liesbeman

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Source: www.bizpremises.co.za