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Malema Accused of Property Theft

Julius Malema, suspended leader of the ANC Youth League, has been accused of illegally transferring land into his own name, according to Limpopo police.


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Explicit Pics Could Land You in Court

| Technical by Staff Reporter

Posting explicit images on social networking sites may have legal ramifications

People responsible for posting explicit pictures on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter may be held legally accountable, according to Okyerebea Ampofo-Anti of Webber Wentzel.

This news follows the latest scandal involving Khanyi Mbau and her ex-boyfriend, Theunis Crous, in which pictures of the couple in the nude surfaced on Twitter.

Mbau said on Twitter that Crous had posted the images of her in order to destroy her, while Crous denies posting the pictures at all.

“We (Crous and his wife) categorically deny being responsible either directly or indirectly for having posted these pictures on social networks. We intend to use whatever legal means are available to us to prevent this kind of thing from happening again and to ensure that our family and friends are protected,” said the couple in a statement.

According to Okyerebea Ampofo-Anti individuals found guilty in a court of law could be made to pay for damages to affected parties.

“Those pictures are obviously private and Khanyi Mbau and Theunis Crous can sue for the infringement of their right to privacy - if as they say the pictures were posted without their consent,” he said.

According to Mlimandlela Ndamase, spokesperson for the Film and Publication Board, the police would be asked to assist with investigations.

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