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SARS Increases Collections by R4b

The SA Revenue Services (SARS) collected R742.7-billion by 31 March, R4-billion higher than the revenue target set in February.


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eTolling's Far Reaching Effects

| News by Staff Reporter

The effect of the new Gauteng tolls will be especially hard for visitors

Cape motorists driving to Johannesburg could face a fee three-times the standard rate when using the new tolls and six times the rate of Gauteng residents who have E-tags.

This is according to the tariff schedule for the Gauteng toll roads gazetted last Friday, April 13.

Chairman of the Cape Chamber of Commerce’s Transport Portfolio Committee Peter Hugo said Gauteng residents were being bullied into opening E-toll accounts by the introduction of the special rate.

He said the Chamber had written to the Department of Transport voicing its strong objections to the E-tolling system, the way in which it was introduced as well as the plans underfoot to establish a uniformed force to police the freeways.

“We were given just 20 days to comment and the period included the Easter holidays,” he said.

“We objected to the short notice but the department has made the situation even worse by creating a new category of user on the last day of the time for comment.”

Regarding the plans for a uniformed force the letter from the Chamber says this would only increase administrative costs. Also, if a simple fuel levy was used it would not be necessary at all.

“Business understands that the roads have to be paid for but objects strongly to the use of electronic systems to sustain an unnecessary administration,” said Hugo.

Another problem with the legislation was the assumption that the owners of the vehicles would be the ones driving, which is seldom the case with commercial vehicles.

“While owners could be responsible for their authorised employees, companies which hired out trucks and cars could not be expected to assume responsibility for their clients.”

The Chamber added: “We already have a serious problem with cloned number plates, cloned credit cards and there is no reason to believe that it will not be possible to clone E-tags.”

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