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PPI Up Slightly in March

The Producer Price Index (PPI) in March 2011 was +7,3 percent according to statistics firm Stats SA.


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A Real Man's Pad

| Technical by Staff Reporter

The world’s most high-tech residential tower is currently under construction in Dubai

“The Pad” is an apartment tower in Dubai that on the outside looks just like a docked iPod, even tilting at a 7-degree angle, and is as complex inside as one would imagine the real device to be.

The building’s façade is covered in what appears to the casual observer as the same thing a motherboard is made from, with golden lines snaking in a seemingly random way all along its smooth, shiny surface.

The 24-storey residential apartment tower will be located on the Creek at the Business Bay Development in Dubai.

Once completed the building will contain 231 luxury apartments, a vibrant retail area, many dining areas and an iClub. The date of completion is as yet unclear although it was initially set for 2009 and then 2010.

And even though the building may not be complete 90 percent of the apartments had already been pre-sold as early as in 2007, and it was also named Best International Apartment at the International Property Awards.

This is because of what’s inside The Pad.

Each apartment, or “intelligent apartment”, boasts state-of-the-art technology designed to do everything from monitor your weight and blood pressure to automatically alter the light depending on your mood.

The Pad has been hailed “the world’s most high-tech residential tower” and “the first cybertecture apartment building in the world”.

Among the things you’ll be able to do inside one of these futuristic apartments is change the “view” outside via real-time projection feeds, so you could look at whatever skyline or beach you like whenever you like; rotate your room so you can change the actual view from your windows; and video conference with people on the other side of the world.

We’re catching up with a few science-fiction films now if you ask me. Say hello to the future. It sounds like fun.

Source: www.bizpremises.co.za